Reculver Primary School


Reculver Primary School got in touch with KOMPAN when the school was left with some rough ground after a building project.

The staff and students wanted to expand the original playground into this unused area. In particular, the directive was to add playground resources that would encourage high activity levels in a safe outdoor play environment. Reculver also wanted to ensure the playground met the requirements for a number of students that have some kind of visual and/or hearing impairment.

Within a week the first meeting at the school took place. The requirements were established and focused on the desire to create a playground that would help to deliver as much of the curriculum as possible outdoors. Reculver had already gathered playground ideas from the school council to include student input in the project, and this was the starting point for the new school playground design.

The requirements were summarised as follows:

  • Create playground zones that facilitate activities for all
  • A better resource for PE curriculum delivery
  • An outdoor performance area
  • Increased amount of all-weather play provision
  • Create a multi-skills zone
  • An exciting playground that would ensure a long term (15+ years) appeal

Reculver now has an additional 750 m of all-weather play area, and has a multi-modal play resource that includes all the elements the school required. The project is covered by KOMPAN's 10-year guarantee and has been supported by play worker training for lunchtime supervisors and multi-skills training for PE staff.

The new outdoor resource area is helping the school achieve their 5 hours of high quality PE activity and benefitting students with more active playtime.


Fast facts
Location: Reculver, United Kingdom

The investor decided to equip the central atrium of 4 residental buildings with beautifull playequipment. And parents and kids love their home!