Popular new attraction at futuroscope


Located near Poitiers, France, Futuroscope is one of Europe’s largest family entertainment parks.

As the park's name suggests, Futuroscope is largely dedicated to the theme of "the future", with robots, technology and science dominating the park's architecture, attractions and activities.

In 2010, Futuroscope installed a KOMPAN ICON playground in the park's free play area. The attraction has been a huge success, with parents joining in the fun along with their children. ICON's interactive games have also made the attraction a big hit with teenagers in the family - who can often be difficult to draw to leisure parks.

Futuroscope's development director, Jean-Hervé Madec, puts it this way: "These new activities keep attracting children to the play area. For me, the big advantage with ICON is that it works without having to be supervised. It's also great that so many kids can play it at once, without having to sign up or queue up."

Summing up his opinion of KOMPAN's recent contribution to Futuroscope, Mr Madec says: "I can warmly recommend ICON for any playground for older children or family groups."


Fast facts
Location: Poitiers, France