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The small town of Pfronten in the very south of Bavaria, Germany, considers playgrounds a serious contribution to children’s and families’ health and well-being. To get less physically active children outdoors, a playground refurbishing project convinced the municipality to opt for a series of KOMPAN ICON digital play products.


Being a tourist destination, Pfronten also acknowledges the important role playgrounds can play in the choice of holiday destination of families. The director of tourism in Pfronten, Jan Schubert, explains: "Our holiday promise to tourists is 'Nature that moves you'. This goes for the young as well as for the elderly. With the new ICON playground, we can market ourselves as a modern, family friendly tourist destination."

In June the refurbishing of the playground, one of 9 in Pfronten, a municipality of 8,000 inhabitants, was celebrated in an opening ceremony with children playing games in teams. All Pfronten's playgrounds have a theme, and this one is called the Planet Playground. The playground design was a result of a collaborative project involving the children's rights organization Kinderschutzbund Ortsgruppe Pfronten, KOMPAN Germany and the municipality.

The playground is intergenerational, but focuses on 8 to 15-year-olds. The gaming aspect of the KOMPAN ICON attracts children to the playground and makes them sweat in friendly and playful competition as they play games such as Colour Catch, where the children push as many buttons with their chosen colour as possible within a time limit. Apart from the ICON series of activities, the playground features a planet-themed climbing activity, a seesaw, swings, balance beams, sand play items, a cable way and a giant slide.

 The planet playground is located at a vantage point overlooking the Alps, and one of the town's webcams is placed here to give tourists a view of the destination - and young inhabitants a chance to check out whether their friends are on the playground at any given time.

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Location: Pfronten, Germany