Kampen School, Norway


Kampen School is centrally located in Oslo, Norway. As part of Oslo Inner City project, the school was given financial aid for the schoolyard in 2003–2004.

The Grindaker landscape architects won the project, as both the school management and the students were enthusiastic about the functionality and design in their solution.

"We have had our new playground for over 4 years and we are very happy with it. The playground is so popular that the schoolyard is virtually being used around the clock. That's why it means so much that the play equipment is durable. As for vandalism, we have actually experienced less of it since we got the new playground. It also helps that the play equipment is so transparent that the teachers can easily see the entire schoolyard during recess, says headmaster Kjell Floa Jensen.

The playground is not only used during recess, but also as part of the teaching. Most recently the school's mathematics lessons have been held in the schoolyard. It is easy to find mathematical challenges in the GALAXY structure. The students learn to calculate area, volume, prisms and other mathematical formulas. It has turned out that several students who previously had problems understanding maths, learn more easily and faster with this practical approach to the subject.

"If I have to mention one of the most popular pieces of play equipment, it has to be the Supernova. It is frequently used by students of all ages, girls as well as boys. The Supernova is actually used so much that we have had to replace the rubber tiles due to wear," concludes Mr Jensen.


Fast facts
Location: Oslo, Norway