AKB-Rødovre housing association


On 7th of July, the AKB-Rødovre housing association (Denmark) opened a 900 m² playground. The playground is the largest of its kind in a Danish housing association – and the children chose it.

Planning of the new playground started in the autumn of 2010 in close collaboration with the local KOMPAN consultant. One of the cornerstones in the Housing Association AKB's philosophy is democracy. This applies to both children and adults. This is why it was important for the housing association that children and young people in the area helped design the new playground.

"To us it is quite natural to involve the children when we plan a new playground. We invite all the children from the area to a meeting where we present various suggestions for playgrounds. We talk about the different possibilities and together we decide what the new playground will look like," says Søren Lillevang, estate manager at the Housing Association AKB-Rødovre.

The children were thrilled about KOMPAN's solution, which satisfies all ages from 0-15. The playground is divided into different areas, which are all aimed at a specific age group. The play area for small children, for example, consists of a Story Maker play tower, spring animals and the indispensable swings. The larger children find challenges in the COROCORD grid and in the equally indispensable Supernova. The housing association has replaced two smaller playgrounds in the past few years and is delighted with the seamless rubber coating as a fall surface. That is why it has also been chosen for the large playground.

"Safety has the highest priority when we choose play equipment. It simply has to be right. Additionally, we put great emphasis on sensory experiences for children. They have to get something out of the playground. We know KOMPAN as a reliable supplier who meets our criteria for safe playgrounds and sensory experiences for the children. At the same time we are conscious of the financial advantage in choosing the same supplier for a complete solution," says Mr Lillevang continues.

Spaces for children and young people are generally a high priority with the Housing Association AKB. Until January 2011 the association was involved in the "Youth at the microphone" development project. The purpose of the project was to create a forum for the young people, who make up a large proportion of the non-profit housing areas, to be able to speak their minds. The project gave the association several good ideas for what the young people want and how to include them when creating areas for them.


Fast facts
Location: Rødovre, Denmark
Area: 900 m²